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Why Would I Need an Immigration Attorney in Texas?

Technology, innovation and industry disruption has created an abundance of economic opportunities for foreign organization and individuals. United States immigration law provides visa classes for foreign investors, professional workers, athletes and other qualified individuals looking to establish a commercial footprint in America. The process of obtaining a U.S business immigration visa can be complex. Our office represents both American and foreign companies with foreign employment visa petitions and applications.

Immigration law is a complex body of statutes and regulations that dictate exactly who can enter the United States, for which reasons they may enter, and how long they may remain in the country. The process of lawfully entering the US requires extensive documentation that can be difficult for the average person to understand and accomplish. An experienced immigration lawyer is essential for anyone preparing to begin an immigration petition or application or for those experiencing an immigration related case or issue in and around the South Texas area, including petitioning to bring a family member, fiancé, or employee to the United States, and those fighting against the deportation of themselves or a loved one.

Why the Texas Immigration Lawyers at R. Ramirez Attorneys and Counselors?

The experienced immigration professionals at R. Ramirez Attorneys and Counselors can provide expert guidance in your Texas immigration case. Our skilled immigration lawyers based in Edinburg, Texas have experience in the full spectrum of immigration case and issues, including deportation defense, family-based immigration benefits, and both immigrant and non-immigrant business immigration solutions. Immigration is a complex, daunting, and downright intimidating area of US law. Call R. Ramirez Attorneys and Counselors to speak to a competent immigration attorney in Edinburg, Texas who can explain the laws involved in your case, oversee your documentation and application, or defend you or your loved one against deportation.

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